Snowy Paws Pet Sitting was started by Krista Grossinger in early 2016. After providing pet care in San Diego, California her goal was to bring the same quality of care to her home town of Annandale, MN.

Meet the Staff


Krista is an ABC Certified Dog Obedience Instructor. She began pet sitting in 2014 in the San Diego area, then moved home to Annandale in January of 2016. Animals have been a large part of Krista’s life from a young age. She bred Jack Russell Terriers in high school and enjoyed every minute of it. Some of Krista’s hobbies include; canoeing, hiking, fishing, hunting, snowshoeing, and wood-burning. DSCN0504


Oreo is the office manager. She uses her Border Collie brilliance to keep the office in working order. Oreo celebrated her 16th birthday this past January. Her hobbies include; long walks in the woods, playing fetch, and old dog naps.



Xena is the assistant manager. Mostly she just likes to have fun. She is a four year old Great Dane and has quite a bit of energy. Her hobbies include; fetch, tug-of-war, carting, bikejoring, sledding/skijoring, running in the woods, and playing with friends.